Understand the answer to the “Why” and then let’s choose which strategy to follow

Build Brand Awareness

Your brand will appear on Jeeran in places where it is relevant to your target audience, where they search to make a purchasing decision, your brand is there.

Get your audience engaged

Jeeran allows business to interact with visitors and reviewers, to respond to them both publically and in private, allowing business owner an understanding of their customers and a direct channel to them.

Run super targeted campaigns

Jeeran gives the ability to run super targeted campaigns, by simple targeting a specific category where your ad will appears, this will guarantees relevance and appeal.

Manage your reputation

Whether we like it or not, today’s customers will share their experience with our brand, both good and bad. Jeeran allows you to engage with those customers through public responds and open discussion, which allows business owners some control and a chance to thank customers for positive feedback or fix problems when it’s not so great.

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