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  • Wrote a comment on Nader Eid review on Amman Tourist Beach
    مكان. مريح واسع برك. كبيره وسمعه بجنين ماشالله الله يعطيحم الف عافيه الجماعة سمعه منيحه 6. 3. 2018
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    إجمل، دخالتو، صدقوني، يا، جماعه، مطعم، تل، الرمان، بس، جلسه، خدمه، ولا، يعلي، علي، حيك.مطعم، .

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    Charisma Clinic Jo
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    Galleria Mall
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  • Cosmetica Clinic Jordan
  • Found Amani Abureyal's review on Cloud useful

    I highly recommend this place. Yes, the prices are more expensive than your average cafe/restaurant but its not as terrible as the other reviews state. You pay for what you get and at Cloud you get a… Read more

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  • Al Rabee for Fruits & Vegetables
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    As a person who loves Mexican food and who has spent years eating authentic Mexican food in the US, this place does not come close to real Mexican cuisine. Yes, they wrap things up in a tortilla and… Read more

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